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Bruiser, From Hell, and The One

Okay, hasn't been too many posts here. I think it's cause there's nothing really new out there having to do with Ritchie. Nothing I've noticed anyway. There are a few flicks with some cameos by people who have been in Ritchie films though. I mentioned "Bruiser" starring Jason Flemyng in my last post. I've watched it a couple times, very entertaining. Flemyng is great in it. He actually totally lost his accent for the role, very impressive. I definitely recommend it to fans of Flemyng, fans of George A. Romero, and also just funs of good horror/thriller movies. Another movie that had a little role by Flemyng that I saw was "From Hell". This was another very entertaining movie, in my opinion. Good amount of gore, interesting story, good characters, and it's always fun to see Flemyng in a role. I really think he could be the next Benicio Del Toro cause he's a really good actor and so chameleon like. Jason Statham's new flick "The One" came out last Friday. I haven't gotten a chance to check it out yet, but it looks really fun. Ever since I saw "Snatch" in the theatre last December, I've become a huge Statham fan. He and Clea DuVall were two of the reasons I liked "Ghosts of Mars" (aside from the fact that I'm a HUGE Carpenter fan). He even made me want to shave my head and start up a fan community dedicated to him on LJ (which is what lead me to find this community, funny how things work, ain't it?). Hehe, I even dressed up as Turkish when I went to Homecoming a week ago (expect pics). Anyway, enough about that. I just thought I would recommend a couple Ritchie related flicks (even if only related by cast members). One other thing, of all the Statham flicks that are out as of now, aside from "The One", I haven't seen "Turn It Up". I was wondering if anyone else had seen it and what they thought of it.
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